The Black Clover Characters Case Study, Age, Appearance, Powers & Magic

Black Clover Characters

Black Clover Manga started up on Feb 16, 2015 when it was aired in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Since its release, the success graph for Black Clover has written new dimensions. Today Black Clover Characters are a hot topic among manga community.

The Black Clover pants a magical world, the Clover kingdom where people are born with special magical powers.

However, Asta, the main protagonist of the story can’t implement wizardry as he is the only exception in the kingdom who wasn’t born with magical spoon in his mouth.

Black Clover Plot

One day, the two babies in the basket found abandoned at the gate of the church located in Hage village, on the outskirts of the clover kingdom.

They were none other than Asta and Yuno. After being abandoned, Father Orsi found them at the door-step of the church and took on duty to raise them as being his own children. Father orsi made Sister Lily credible to upbringing both the children.

It was Sister Lily who used to read story for Asta about the wizard emperor to which Asta gradually started responding with an intent to become the next wizard emperor.

Despite him being unable to implement magic, Asta is up against his friend Yuno, the magic knight.

On the flip side, Yuno (Asta’s Fellow) born with exceptional magical powers also aiming to become the magic emperor.

This situation leads to an intense competition between childhood friends.

The two Black Clover Characters, Asta and Yuno is competing for a coveted “Magic Emperor” title and is the only title others are trying to earn through their magic skills too.

The story demonstrates the intense battle between friends. One is with anti-magic capabilities and one being the magical knight, the journey of the black clover story will enthrall you with joys.

You”ll Learn

A unique blend of great story line and powerful characters have pitched the success saga for Black Clover. We’ll do our best to help you develop a better understanding of your favorite Characters.

We will talk about your favorite characters, their physical appearance, Nature, their respective powers. So, let’s get into the business.

Top Black Clover Characters

Black Clover Asta

Asta in Black Clover
Asta has a strong feeling for Sister Lily, the one who nursed him from childhood.

Asta is a 15-year-old male protagonist of Black Clover release. With a height of 155 cms, the heightened desire of being the magic emperor of the clover kingdom has somewhere off-staged his dwarfism.

His journey commences with a misery in the Black Clover series as he was abandoned at the church gate located at the very outskirts of the clover kingdom.

Physical Appearance of Asta

General Appearance

Asta is comparatively a dwarf character with a strong muscular body giving him an appealing presence. A headband further compliments his look through which his astringed ash-hued hair protrudes towards his forehead to nose.

When to talk about Headband, a gold-colored bull emblem marked on the left of black headband with red-colored 3 plus signs stitched on the right of the accessory.

His green eye balls are a huge factor contributing to his cute appearance.

Black Clover Asta generally wears a V-shaped-collar white-tunic which extends to his waist. Underneath the tunic, there present a dark-blue jacket with sleeves extending to his elbow only.

His pants is folded and reaches just below his knees. His shoes are a pair of two different clothes, one is covering his ankle and the other color which is white covers the sole of his feet.

The appearance he adopts is unique in his own way which makes him look entirely different from others.

Asta’s Appearance After Receiving Grimoire

Asta’s appearance takes 180 degree turn after he receives his five-leaf Grimoires. A pouch fastened by his brown waistband along with his black bull signature robe covers his upper half of the torso. The black bull insignia visible on the left of his black bulls robe with right side imprinted a gold-hued button.

The Black Asta Appearance

Black Asta Form
When Asta is in Black form, he more or less looks like a demon.

Asta’s Black form may hit you with shivers in every vein as he looks scary in very appearance of Black Asta. Black clover asta transformation from a human being to more like demon form has a scary pinch to it.

As he transforms himself into black Asta form, the upper right section of his teeth has a protruded canine along with his eyes which turns red in his demon form.

A black wing burgeons from his right shoulder whereas a black horn right from his right head sprouts giving him an uneasy look.


His compassionate nature for other people is always in scrutiny as people often see the altered versions of Asta. He shows great respect to his friends and villagers and on the flip side, he as in demon form kills several bad guys which has daunted Black Clover Asta’s reputation.

He is open to everyone he meets and his hyperactive algorithm has always played a crucial part in establishing him as the strong personality among his comrades.

His indomitable will and never-give-up attitude has nurtured him in a city full of Magic Knights. His trait of never giving up has earned him a respectful place among the hearts of the people.

Asta to Himself
I’m going to be the Magic Emperor! This is something I’ll never give up on!

His expression of thoughts comes out with aggressive propagationary measures and without caring about the people to whom he is around with.

He just wants to express his thinking, a sample of his attitude seen when he brought his goal of becoming the magic emperor in full of magic knights crowd.

His unmatched determination towards his objective has impressed scholars of the Clover Kingdom. Not only has he grabbed the attention of the villagers but numerous girls have also fallen for him.

Though, his love for sister Lily has never died despite numerous attractive eyeballs looking for him.

His yearning for justice is commendable demonstration of an ideal samaritans. He wants justice not only for his comrades but for those also who falls into his enemy’s zone.

During the exploration of Dungeon, When dungeon was collapsing to its root, Mars (One of Black Clover Asta’s enemies) was unconscious. One of the Black Clover characters Asta noticed it and asked his comrades to take Mars to a somewhat safe place.

He argued with his team squad that they were ordered to explore the dungeon but not to kill anyone.

With this kind of straight forward attribution to his personality, Asta’s has won the hearts of many girls.

Battle Arsenal

Five-Leaf Grimoire

Five-Leaf Grimoire also termed as Demon Grimoire is a very rare equipment till date in Clover Kingdom. It is so rare that even the wizard king unaware of the existence of the same.

Asta five leaf grimoire
Asta five leaf grimoire

During his fight with Revchi, He manages to attain the demon Grimoire. No one even pay attention to the grimoire Asta possess due to filthy skin of the equipment. Five-Leaf Clover insignia is imprinted in the middle of the grimoire giving it the identity of demon Grimoire.

The insignia that we discussed is hidden into the shades of filth. The reason why no one including  Asta have any idea of the grimoire being the demon grimoire. Everyone thinks that the grimoire Asta possess has ordinary power.

With the use of Demon Grimoire, he even can summon the sword and use it for anti magic purposes.

Demon Slayer Sword

The Demon Slayer Swords is unique in its own style and can be taken into account as one of the strongest swords in clover Kingdom.

Demon Slayer Sword often summon the demon inside Asta.

The real power of the sword seen when Asta uses it to cut the spells with the sharp edges of the blade and deflects the same.

The Demon Slayer Sword can drain out the magic of the knights with ease.

Demon-Dweller Sword
Asta with his Demon Slayer Sword
Demon Slayer Sword

Demon-Dweller Sword is much like the first one we discussed above. The sword can cut any magic at its will and deflect the same with same power as to that of the first sword of Asta.

This sword can be called Asta specific sword as no other magic knights can wield the sword.

Reason being other magic knight will not be able to use their magic when in possession with the same sword.

This sword also helps Asta borrow the magic from another user of the magic. This increases the force of his attack on his enemy.

Demon-Destroyer Sword

The last sword under Asta’s hood used to negate the re-incarnation magic performed by any mana user. Much like his earlier two swords, Demon-Destroyer swords can cut the spells.

Battle Competency

Winning a battle requires unmatched strategy, agility, strength and most of all, one should be able to prevail its own weakness. Asta has got things out of the way of his success in battle.

Below we have hand-crafted a list of powers and abilities Asta possess being a knight in absentia of magic.

Anti-Magic Skills Anti-Magic Skills
Magically deprived Asta in a kingdom full of magic knights has nothing to show as means of magic.

Though, lacking magic skills has enabled him to use any anti-magic tricks with ease of his comfort. Any anti-magic arsenal can’t drain the magic as asta has no magic at all. This being the case, black clover asta can wield and overpower any knight. This skill also nullify the effect of Manga sensors.

Extra Sensing Capability (Ki) Extra Sensing Capability (Ki)
Asta can sense people and if in case any threat as early as in range of his Ki technique.

He can then react to the threat and act accordingly which makes him deadly knight in the Clover Kingdom. Thanks to the captain of Black Bull, Yami Sukehiro who brought this technique from his homeland.

Inquisitive and Intellect Inquisitive and Intellect
Learning new things is his part of daily routine. He is always keen in playing the role of a learner. Asta has learnt many things in a quick succession and that comes with higher adeptability of swordsmanship.

Asta from Black Clover has also shown to have intellect level of high grade. Unlike normal human beings, he has exhibited that how well he understands the situation he is in and also act according to the situation at his will.

Adept in Swordsmanship Adept in Swordsmanship
Asta from Black Clover learnt the advanced level of swordsmanship from Fenzell Kruger. Though the training was basic but he learnt how to grip sword. Later in his life, he continued to adapt his skills in swordsmanship with every passing battle.
Strength Strength
The rockstrong muscles of Asta has always been a compliment to his personality and so to his muscles strength. The physical strength of asta can be determined by his practice of doing thousand push ups with single hand.

The heavy swords are another example of him being as muscular as that of hulk. His punch is also a witness of his physical strength as his one punch can jolt the rock walls with no harm to his hand.

Swift Swift
His legs are as swift as tornado. Unlike other humans, he has prowess of prompt reaction. He also has an instinctive reaction to his body’s defense mechanism.

When in danger, he can take prompt reaction and unconscious which saved him many times from death-kissing scenes.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Asta

How tall is asta?
Asta is almost 5 feet boy with a muscular body.
Why does Asta have no Magic?
The reason behind asta left in the lurch without magic could be his ability to wield the anti-magic swords with more adeptability than those of the black clover characters. The other reason could be of him being an oddity.

Black Clover Yuno- Black Clover Characters

Black Clover Yuno
Black Clover Yuno

Yuno is a black clover protagonist and is one of the dominant black clover characters against Asta. His fate is the same as that of Asta. He is also left abandoned in front of the church gate and nursed by the same sister ms. Lily.

Yuno along with Asta grew up in the same village with a childhood aim to be magic emperor and earn the most coveted title of the clover kingdom.

Every inch of increased rivalry encourage them to be stronger in the battle field.

He is associated with Golden Dawn and Royal Knights Squad.

Appearance of Black Clover Yuno

Black Clover Yuno Physical Appearance
Black Clover Yuno Physical Appearance

Yuno is a slender but an attractive personality with an amber eyes. His eyes are of strong golden color which complements his attractive personality despite being not muscular.

Yuno’s cluttered hair protrude to each side of his head with even longer hair at the back of his head. His tuft of hair protruding towards his nose making cross sign at the front of his face.

Black shirt with long sleeves and a leather strip covering his wrists and upper arms gives him a unique but gratifying look altogether.

With comparably high collar of his black shirt, the personality he has maintained is worth attracting girls to whom he works with.

Light brown pants with a cut below his knees gives a black-striped look to his pants. A pair of brown belts which crossed each other tie his pants to eliminate loosening of his esteem.

He is also seen to have carried his four-leaf grimoire tied with strap at the right side of his waist.

A blue magic stone engraved into golden-colored-chain is all set in his neck to protect him from any threat.

Yuno as a Member of Golden Dawn

Yuno’s appearance gets a complete makeover after his affiliation with Golden Dawn Squad.

A signature squad robe covering his torso with a tangled design gives him a perfect look as being a member of Golden Dawn Team.

Nature of Yuno from Black clover

Yuno, as probably being one of the most powerful Black Clover Characters ever witnessed in the series, his nature portrays of an arrogant but calm personality.

Yuno in Arrogant Look
Yuno is an arrogant boy but at the same time, he is over protective for Asta as well.

When to talk about his deportment, the code of conduct he possess often downcast others and he is unable to interpret the exact meaning of his said words.

He doesn’t like to speak much unless he is required to do so. His way of conveying his thoughts comes under the umbrella when he talks about something important. He has a strong attraction toward being magic emperor.

HIs ambition of being magic emperor became his strong will when he was brought up with Asta. Both of them has a single ambition of being the magic emperor.

Irregardless of his strong rivalry with Asta, he is overprotective to him. If anyone tries to harm his childhood friend Asta, he may go to any length to protect the interests of Asta from any enemy.

Not only Yuno stops here, he also goes out of his zone to make Asta look best in front of others.

To demonstrate Asta’s power in front of people, he attacked Asta with his most powerful magic to which others may have succumbed, but asta blocked that magic as he had anti-magic powers.

Yuno knew that his magic is not going to do any harm and that he can block his magical attack, he still did so to make him look best in front of people.

Battle Arsenal of Yuno

Four Leaf Clover Grimoire
Four Leaf Grimoire
Four Leaf Grimoire

Post him being 15, Yuno received a 4 leaf clover grimoire in an acceptance ceremony of the clover kingdom.

Yuno’s grimoire is unique in its own as the grimoire he attained was similar to that of the grimoire offered to the first magic emperor.

Several wind based spells are the attributes of his grimoire. The four leaf clover insignia at the center of the front cover with an intricate pattern covering the edges of the grimoire, makes it extraordinary deal for Yuno.

Magic Competency

Wind Magic
Yuno in action while casting his wind magic
Wing Magic

With this magical attribute in possession, he can generate wind at his will and even increase or decrease the intensity of the wind at his will.

Most of the time the magical practice comes form yuno in shape of whirlwind which is powerful enough to eliminate his enemy with a single hit.

His ability to launch himself into the air using his special magic whirlwind, the enemies gets into shivering state of mind after witnessing whirlwind propelling Yuno into the air.

Creation Magic

Yuno can use this tactic to shape objects in the air from the wind. He usually uses this form of magic when he is in a battle with his enemy

Spirit Magic

This one is my favourite. He can summon a spirit using this tactic to help him in battle. Sylph, the wind spirit is the one who assist Yuno in a battle.

Reinforcement Magic

In a condition where he needs to enhance his physical ability, he can use reinforcement magic to multiply his physical strength to extents.

Strengths and Abilities

Willpower Willpower
Firm, intact and rocky in attaining what he wants. Yuno’s will has always been the centric force which has enhanced the abilities to confront even the strongest enemy of the clover kingdom.

When he was in possession of an elf and when asta shouted his aim of becoming the next magic emperor, it was Yuno’s will which has helped him keeping his soul intact.

Unmatched Magical Abilities Unmatched Magical Abilities
Yuno from childhood was adept in casting spells and as he grew up, his magical abilities strengthened furthermore.

Yuno is in possession of exceptional magical prowess that further gets extended to extremes when he is possessed by an elf.

He even can cast two magic at the same time which has helped Yuno defeating one of the Diamond Kingdom’s Eight Shining Generals.

Enhanced Sensors Enhanced Sensors
Yuno from black clover can utilize his sensors to sense mana in his vicinity. He also has the ability to see the flow of mana.
Spirit Absorption Spirit Absorption
He can absorb the spirit Sylph in order to increase his magical abilities to match that of magic knights captain. With combination of mana and mana skin, he enables himself to absorb the spirit.
Mana Zone Mana Zone
Black Clover Yuno is in a position to control all the mana in the surrounding area of him. By doing so, he is able to increase his spells intensity and powers.

Noelle Silva- Black Clover Characters

Noelle Silva is one of Black Clover Female Characters and the one who has a status of being a member of Clover Kingdom’s Family. Though, the status of royal family was always there to compliment her name but she actually didn’t enjoy any cushion of comfort as being the royal family member.

Noelle Silva
Noelle Silva

As she grew up with her siblings, the increasing intensity of hate and jealousy from her siblings has always been a trouble for her. Her brothers and sister used to mock her for a variety of reasons.

In pursuit of finding a better place and improving her self-confidence, she decided to join the black bull squad.

There she met Asta and eventually fell for him.

Physical Appearance of Noelle Silva

To be frank, Noelle Silva is one of the beautiful Black Clover Female Characters in the kingdom. Her pink eyes with a slender body gives her a jaw-dropping persona.

Noelle Physical Appearance
Noelle Physical Appearance

Noelle is a 15 years old girl with an approximate height of 161 cms. Born on November 15 in the clover kingdom, this petite girl has comparatively long hair with shades of silver-hue. Her hairs are tied up with braid along with a fringe of hair cut protruding towards her forehead.

She wears a purple color earring similar to that of a christian emblem.

A backless short purple dress apparently indulged into augmentation her beauty across the kingdom of Clover. She usually wears sleeveless dress covered by a plane silver-colored blazer which further assist her dress to be sleeveless all the time.

The blazer that Noelle Silva puts on her torso has a pair of house silva pins attached to the collarbone area. The blazer further occupy the zone of her neck tied together by a locket in gold.

A bag which holds her grimoire is tied up with a brown leather belt and is surrounded her waist. You can see her bag on the right side.

After she joins Black Bull Squad, she wears the robe of her squad where a black bull insignia imprinted on the left of the attire.

Noelle Silva Nature from Black Clover Characters

Right from childhood, she was destined to face hatred, uncivilized behaviour from her siblings. Nozel, one of Noelle’s brothers wished that she could have died but not his mother, Acier.

The traces of her childhood memory has somehow impacted Noelle’s personality in a negative juncture.

She seems to be arrogant and egocentric personality at first sight. Though, as maturity peaks, she finds improvement in her own behavior.

Her  arrogant behaviour comes into the spotlight when Asta offers her friendship. Her reply in response to Asta’s friendship proposal was that she has not allowed him to initiate a conversation with her.

She is worst at admitting her own failures and the reason being her association with the royal family. Rather accepting her failures, she blames it on someone else and often sneaks out of the situation.

As the progression of the story, Noelle develops guts to admitting her mistakes and failures.

Noelle had to face embarrassment right after the dungeon mission when she felt her shirt was torn unleashing partial breast of her. She felt humiliated after the incident. This shows her modest personality.

After joining Black Bull squad, she gradually attained self-confidence in herself, most probably due to Asta’s assistance and influence. Now we can witness Noelle as more daring silva.

Noelle Silva and Asta

Noelle has a strong emotion for Asta as she continues to find out the better side of him.

The story starts when Noelle first saw Asta when he was to perform initiation test. Noelle was atop of the refuge and from there she has her eyeball pointed to the muscular Asta. She wasn’t impressed with him at the first sight.

Black Clover Asta and Neolle Silva Together
Black Clover Asta and Neolle Silva Together

Noelle Silva at the initial meeting neglects Asta in view of Asta’s low social rank. He also was not that popular among the magic knights. As being a member of the royal family, it was her inclined behaviour towards Asta.

Even though, Asta was aware of her dealing towards him, he still helped Noelle Silva grasping the control over her spells to which she was untrained.

This incident reminded her the bygone past when she was abandoned by her family due to her inability to control spells. Now that Asta has reminded her past, she befriended him.

Asta helped her but she even now has a sense of superiority over him but at the same time she enjoys his accompaniment.

Noelle’s Blossoming Emotions for Asta

Her romantic emotions for Asta blossomed during their first mission where asta was taking on with Heath Grice at the Sosshi village. With every passing story arcs, the romantic feeling of Noelle Silva for Asta started taking a high fly.

Though, she was reluctant to express her feelings for him.

Asta is one of the most popular Black Clover characters among girls and that is what has perturbed Noelle to an extent of jealousy. Mimosa, one of Nolle Silva’s distant sister who is also affectionate about Asta. Mimosa is a rival to her love and so is to Noelle.

Now, Noelle Silva has developed a sense of jealousy and hatred for all those who have the same feeling as she has for the main protagonist of the series.

Her belief leads her to a conclusion where she thinks that she holds a special place in Asta’s life. She literally cares for Asta but is also unable to express her emotions when she finds Asta is doing good in terms of health.

Her concern for Asta can be witnessed when Asta was kidnapped by Eye of the midnight sun. She also used to offer him a drink whenever he is unable to swallow his food and even offers to feed him if he is unable to use his hands.

With all this being said, Noelle Silva has a strong feeling and can do anything to protect Asta’s interests.

Magic Competency

Water Magic
Noelle Silva Water Magic
Noelle Silva Water Magic

Water magic is one of Noelle’s frontline attacking options as she is proficient in it. With the practice of water magic, she can generate and manipulate water to work in interest for him. Her primary intent of using this magic is to shoot the water-balls on her opponent.

Creation Magic

Creation magic is the same as that of Yuno’s Creation Magic with only difference being the use of wind. Noelle uses water to shape objects and entities from water.

Reinforcement Magic

She utilizes this magic to enhance her physical abilities.

Battle Caliber

Boundless Magical Power Boundless Magical Power
Immeasurable magical power is what Nolle Silva has attained as being a member of Clover Kingdom’s family.

He intensity of her spells can generate elephantine waterspouts and even can generate giant sphere of water to shake anything on its way. With this magical power, she further can challenge elves as well.

As we know, she finds it hard to control her spells, her attack often goes in vain due to lack of accuracy. She has began learning and practicing accurate drafting of her spells and later in the series, she has developed to restrain her power.

Noelle Silva Equipments

Noelle Silva Grimoire
Noelle Silva Grimoire

Her three leaf grimoire supports water based magic and so it supports Noelle’s will.

Noelle wields a cream colored grimoire with intricate patterns at border.

It has three leaf clover insignia at the center of the front cover.


Noelle Silva wields a wand to control her magical powers. She usually needs assistance of her wand to support her in need. The wand color is brown.


The brooch is attached to the base of the same wand which Nolle Silva uses to control her magic. This accessory has been designed to assist magic control.

Communication Device

A small communication device which enables communication between Nolle and magic knights headquarters. The audio and visual transmission is possible through the device.

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