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Reading your favourite manga has never been effortless, especially in the presence of hundreds of dubious websites. You can’t trust these websites with your personal data because 95% of platforms aren’t legitimate, additionally, they give you hell-like user experience.

Solution is the Mangamo App available worldwide on Apple App Store and Google Play Store (To Be Soon Available, You can pre-register).

Say Hi to Mangamo

Now, you neither have to visit those redundant manga reading websites nor have to spend fortunes to enjoy your favourite manga. Mangamo is the one stop solution to all your manga reading needs. You are one click away from your favourite manga available in best quality graphic manga images.

Mangamo app is the first mobile-based manga subscription service that will give you unlimited ads-free access (No reading limits) to its library of over 300 popular manga titles for a scrimping monthly subscription of $4.99 USD. No other legit subscription service is so affordable as to compete with Mangamo.

With new chapters added daily to this app, you can find your favourite manga professionally curated in english only for you. Mangamo App promises to furnish you even those manga which has never been released in english would be available on this app. All the manga available on Mangamo is licensed from publishers legally.

Over a thousand manga volumes to choose from, you can enjoy reading different manga genres such as Shonen, Seinen, Isekai, Shojo, Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action, Romance, Comedy, School, BL, Yaoi, Supernatural, Adventure and more.

Below is the list of some popular manga titles you would want to binge read:

  1. Attack On Titan
  2. Fairy Tail
  3. The Seven Deadly Sins
  4. Battle Angel Alita
  5. Ghost in the Shell
  6. BLAME
  7. Inuyashiki
  8. Knights of Sidonia
  9. Nodame Cantabile
  10. Space Brothers

Even the current anime hits such as Arte, Drop Kick My Devil!, Fire Force, Somali and the Forest Spirit, You Guys Are All Annoying! Can also be enjoyed through this subscription service.

The award winning mangas which are first to come in English Translation, the likes of Loving Yamada at Lv999!, I Fell in Love So I’m Streaming It, Reset Game are also ready to enthrall you with their interesting plot.

Features & Benefits

  1. Affordable, Only $4.99 Monthly With 30 Days Free Trial
  2. Highest Quality Grahpics for Images
  3. Professional Translation to English Language
  4. No Reading Limitations
  5. Ad-Free User Experience
  6. Over 300 Manga Titles
  7. Over 1000 Manga Volumes
  8. Choose Between Vertical or Horizontal Scrolling Options
  9. Read On Any Android or Apple Device
  10. New Chapter Releases Every Day

Build Your Own Personal Library | Personalize Reading Experience

This app gives you unforgettable user experience as you can personalize your reading experience through its inbuilt personalization options. If you find any manga interesting, you can add it to your favorite list. It gives you the option to track down your reading progress on every title more like a kindle.

You can choose between horizontal and vertical scrolling experience so that you find your sweet spot while reading your treasured manga. There also is an option where you can jump back to where you left off with one-click bookmark. You can add titles to your reading preferences and read them as soon as you finish your current volumes.

The executive leaders of Crunchyroll, Viz Media, Hulu Japan, Netflix and others have created this application, so, just dive into what you can say is a perfect solution to all your manga reading quests.

Last Words

Mangamo is the first mobile app launched on both Apple App Store and Google Play which is inteded to help wandering manga readers with a legitmate way to satisfy cravings for their favorite manga. This will be the one stop destinatation to enjoy most popular manga with a scrimp monthly subscription of $4.99. If you are a manga fans and enjoy reading the anime series, Mangamo app is the only tool you will ever need to satisfy your gut.


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Written by Anil Shah

Anil Shah is an anime addict who loves to explore new and old animated movies and tv shows. He loves reading manga and anime books. He has turned his passion into writing and loves to write about anime and manga series. He owns "The Manga Trendz" and loves to provide information for anime lovers.

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