Clouds Over Magi Anime Season 3 Is Still Intact. What to Expect? (Aug 2021 Update)

Magi anime season 3 update
Magi anime season 3 update

The wait for Magi Anime Season 3 has dwindled the hopes of those who follow and admire the unseen world of magic, power, treasures and greed. It is a story I heard in my childhood, probably in the first decade of the 2000s. I enjoyed watching the weekly TV show that used to be aired with the name “Alif Laila.” I have watched several stories from “1001 Arabian Nights” but wasn’t aware that the story follows the folk tales of Middle Eastern.

I was so excited when Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic got an official announcement that the series is going to be based on Arabian Nights. My emotions for the series flourished in a hope that I might be reliving the childhood memories. When the anime was released, it made me flabbergasted about the visuals and presentation.

I restlessly used to wait for another episode of the series. Then another season got released in 2014, this time the season named as Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Every episode of the series led me to relive my old memories and I was completely satisfied with the makers of Magi franchise.

Ever after the release of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, it has been 7 years since I have eagerly been waiting for Magi season 3, and let’s be frank, your wait for season 3 mustn’t have been so pleasing as well.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Official English Trailer

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic English Trailer

What to Expect?

After 7 full long years of wait and yet no official announcement, the chances are getting dim for the renewal of Magi Anime Season 3. I am being practical, though I desperately need the 3rd season of Magi Anime, but the fortunes are not in our favor. Magi Season 3 will not be renewed anytime soon.

I will give you three strong reasons that might clarify the reason behind non-renewal of the TV series:

The Decline in Popularity

The strongest reason that we can point out is the decline in the popularity of the Magi series. Dozens of anime series are being released with eye-catching intriguing plots every week.

You can say it’s the competition in the anime industry which is triggering the shutdown of short-handed anime such as God Eater and Magi. Magi season 2 (Magi: The Kingdom of Magic) didn’t pick the popularity graph as compared to the first season or as expected by the creators.

As you can see in the google trends data above. The interest over time for Magi anime is in decline trend since the first release date of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. The second magi season witnessed a steep fall in popularity over the years, worldwide.

When a studio picks up anime series to air, they usually do market research and analyze the popularity graph of any particular series. The demand for Magi Anime season 3 isn’t as high as that of other famous anime series.

Long Time-Span

If season 3 was to renew and if they had any plan of renewing magi season 3, it would have been released much earlier. I don’t remember much of the anime series released after the wait of 7 or more years between two seasons. This delay is conveying the signal that the wait for the magi followers might take a never-ending turn.

Let’s talk about the fact, October 7, 2012, was the date when Magi The Labyrinth of Magic hit the screen. The first season ended in March 2013 and in the same year, the second season Magi The Kingdom of magic got released right after 7 months on October 6, 2013.

The reason behind this speedy release was the popularity of the first season. As the second season didn’t get the anticipated popularity, the creators might have thought dumping this season might be the best choice.

Let’s Be Optimistic

Despite all the strong reasons, we shouldn’t forget that we haven’t got the official announcement for the cancellation of Magi season 3. As a die-hard fan of Magi, I want to witness the adventures of Aladdin, Alibaba, and Sindbad again and hoping that Magi Season 3 could get a release date soon. Like the first two seasons, I am hoping that the 3rd installment might get an October 2021 release date.

Some websites such as TheNuHerald dot com have claimed that magi season 3 has a confirmed release date of October and that 3rd season would be named “The Kingdom of Madness” that will have Aladdin in focus and his journey to becoming king.

Given the release history of Magi Anime Season, this website might be speculating the release date.

Plotline of Magi Anime

The narrative of the anime revolves around Aladdin and his companions like Alibaba and Sindbad who are on a life journey to explore mysterious places. These mysterious places or ruins are called Dungeons full of priceless treasures. One such place is called Amon. When Aladdin meets Alibaba Saluja, an aspiring young man who wants to explore and conquer Amon, Aladdin befriends him and tries to conquer the said Dungeon together.

They finally conquer the dungeon despite facing their enemies who also want to claim the treasures of the ruin. They also help Morgiana in breaking the mental barrier which bound her to her master Jamil.

Alibaba claimed the Dungeon while the Djinn named Amon appears in front of Aladdin, this is where the Djinn becomes his companion and becomes his part flute.

Aladdin and Morgiana encounter a clothless man named Sindbad who is the first Dungeon capturer and now rules an island country of Sindria.

Along with his friends, Alibaba is ever more hungry for the treasure and wants to conquer as many ruins as possible and obtain the treasures. Along the way, Aladdin and company will discover their fate during their journey.


What do you think?

Written by Anil Shah

Anil Shah is an anime addict who loves to explore new and old animated movies and tv shows. He loves reading manga and anime books. He has turned his passion into writing and loves to write about anime and manga series. He owns "The Manga Trendz" and loves to provide information for anime lovers.

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