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Inuyasha Characters

So it all starts with a jewel of four souls which thumpingly horse out the power of its wielder subsequently granting a single wish. The story comes into being with a flashback to Feudal Japan. 500 years ago, when the Civil war era of ancient Japan was at its peak, the story plots around. In a world occupied by demons, curses, and spirits, the priest, Kikyo who is one of female Inuyasha Characters and the sole protector of the Jewel of four souls, was at risk of her life. Several demons and spirits were after that mystical Jewel.

Inuyasha- The Main Inuyasha Characters

Inuyasha is sleeping on tree in the full moon night
Inuyasha is sleeping on tree in the full moon night

Inuyasha, the dog-like half-demon, approaches a human village. He was in pursuit of the Jewel to fulfill his desire of being a full-blooded demon. In the meantime, Kikyo fell for Inuyasha, half-demon. Kikyo was unaware of Inuyasha’s intention. So SHE wanted to give the Jewel to him to help him turn into a full human.

Their relationship was going smooth until the entry of Onigumo, a bandit whose only intention was to create a disparity between the two lovers to snatch the Jewel.

Onigumo Entry to the Story

Onigumo was a man who was sustaining severe injuries from head to toes with an outcome of bandage applied to all over his body. He couldn’t do much except talking. His mind was running to evil thinking. And in pursuit of eternal power, he allowed a plethora of demons inside of him. This wish eventually conferred him immense physical strength. His wish of being the strongest of all is ultimately accomplished when lots of demons possessed his body giving birth to Naraku.

Birth of Naraku- One of Inuyasha Characters | The Demon

Naraku was one of the Inuyasha characters whose demonic intentions managed to create a disparity between Kikyo and Inuyasha. Naraku also wanted to click the essence of love with Kikyo. So he led the way to give rise to negative emotions between those two lovers.

Naraku in white dress
Naraku in white dress

He wanted Kikyo’s heart to be filled with the dimensions of hatred and anger, which ultimately make the dark energy of the Jewel much stronger than ever.

To implement his evil intentions, Naraku started disguising himself as both Inuyasha and Kikyo. He made them believe that each other are betraying themselves with an ultimate end to their relationship.

One day Naraku launched an assault on Kikyo as being disguised into Inuyasha, leaving Kikyo mortally wounded. The meantime, Kikyo shot Inuyasha with a godly arrow and left him sealed onto the sacred tree Goshinboku.

Before Kikyo turns into a body, she persuaded her younger sister to cremate her body with the Jewel as she didn’t want any demon to get hands upon the Jewel.

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A Modern Shift to the Story

The story of Inuyasha takes a modern shift to Japan in 1997. A girl, Kagome Higurashi, one of the Inuyasha Female Characters, study in high school and lives with her mother.

She also has a pet (cat) named Buyo. One day when she was looking for her cat as the cat got off her sight, she was pulled down to the well-house near a shrine. A centipede demon intentionally pulled her down to take her through the time in the past.

The time she traveled was ancient japan, 50 years after the mortality of Kikyo from Inuyasha.

Kagome’s Entry into Ancient Japan

Kagome with her arrow in practice
Kagome with her arrow in practice

Kagome finds herself in a strange wilderness with empty-headed of the actual location she was in. She was also unaware that she has traveled through bygone past. She came to her senses when she saw Inuyasha trapped onto the Goshinboku tree. Bone eater’s well was another landmark that she was able to identify.

As the centipede was a demon, it knew that the Jewel of Four Souls is inside the body of Kagome. The demon also knew that Kagome is the reincarnated version of Kikyo. Therefore, the centipede demon attacked her, demanding the Jewel. As she was unaware of her powers, she had to release Inuyasha from the seal in the hope that he will destroy the centipede demon.

Eventually, free Inuyasha killed that demon but was also apathetic to any feelings for Kagome. He still was in deep contempt to the betrayal he faced in the past. Therefore, now Inuyasha is demanding the Jewel from Kagome so that his desire to be the full-blooded demon could have a definite end.

As Kagome Higurashi was an incarnated soul to Kikyo, she still had that potential to take control over one of Inuyasha’s main characters. The rosary around the neck of Inuyasha obeyed the command of Kagome and has forced him to face-first on the ground.

Jewel of Four Souls Theft

Inuyasha jewel of Four souls
Inuyasha jewel of Four souls

The jewels attract the number of demons. A crow demon able to steal the Jewel, which ultimately becomes the cause of its ash. Kagome destroys the crow demon to retrieve the Jewel, but with the devil, the Jewel got scattered across the ancient cities of Japan.

This incident opens up the scope for demons and humans to find the shards of the Jewel to be in possession of great power. Everyone in Japan indulged in finding the one shard as even the one shard has the potential to confer immense power to the holder.

The story follows the quest of shards dispersed across cities of Japan. The main character Inuyasha and Kagome set to find the shards and merge them into a single jewel.

The Quest to Jewel Shards

At the commencement of their quest, Inuyasha treats Kagome as being ignorant with a view of his betrayal past. Still, Kagome, on the other hand, practices a friendly nature and wants to befriend Inuyasha.

As time progresses into the mutual quest, taking on the deadliest enemies who have already obtained the jewel shaft, they start developing feelings for each other. Though they are reluctant to admit each other’s feelings, it shows in their behavior throughout the story.

The unbreakable bond between Inuyasha starts flourishing as the story progresses. They also enjoy the friendship of Shippo ( A small fox Demon), Miroku (A cursed demon), and Sango (A demon slayer).

Though Miroku, one of Inuyasha Characters is a badly behaved personality, he is a noble monk as well. He also has a soft corner in his heart for those of the pretty girls.

On the other hand, Sango has a disastrous history of his life. He lost his family and village suffering from an attack by Naraku. So he is full of hatred against Naraku and wants to avenge him for his early life lost.

The Journey as a Group

The group of Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, and Sango encounters both friends and foes in their journey to find the disseminated shards. Inuyasha elder half-brother Sesshomaru, Naraku, who is a powerful collective demon, Koga (Inuyasha’s rival).

Inuyasha Team Group
Inuyasha Team Group

Naraku managed to collect all the shards of the Jewel and merged it to a full jewel of four souls. Inuyasha eventually curses him to stormy beat, as being the owner of Jewel, Naraku wished his desire that Kagome’s soul is trapped inside him. This will allow Naraku to survive with the assistance of Kagome’s soul.

Naraku wish could only be fulfilled if Kagome would have been made a selfish call to save herself, but she didn’t wish for that; instead, she wanted the Jewel to Disappear forever.

End to the Story

After the tragic end of the conflict between Inuyasha and Naraku, Kagome, the main female character of Inuyasha, thrown back into the modern time while Inuyasha was still is in ancient Japan. Inuyasha is no longer able to see Kagome.

After the graduation of Kagome three years later, she finds a portal that allows her to travel back into the time of Inuyasha. They admit their feelings of love for each other. And she accepted the bygone past and chose to live with Inuyasha.

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