Is God Eater (Anime) Season 2 Cancelled? What We Fans Should Expect? Aug, 2021 Update

God Eater Season 2
God Eater Season 2

Why aren’t the makers of God Eater (Anime) lending hands to the hopes of thousands who again want to witness the battle between Aragami and the monster hunters also known as God Eater. As of mid-July 2021, we are yet to find out the release date of God Eater season 2.

According to our sources, by unofficial means, Takayuki Hirao (The Director of the Series) might release the most awaited 2nd installment of the God Eater anime adaptation series by the end of 2021 or in the first quarter of 2022.

God Eater (Anime) ended with bated breath when a mysterious person (A Shadow) was shown staring at Soma Schicksal at the end of the first series. The ending of the God Eater season 1 gives us a huge intuition that sooner or later, the wait might end for season 2.

God Eater Anime English Trailer

Some reports have claimed that the team is already working disguisedly on the second season of god eater anime and the fans should be ready to brace for an imminent surprise. If Season 2 got canceled, hearts would be broken and the fanbase of anime series might deviate.

As far as I understand and foresee, the makers will not disappoint their consumers and will produce God Eater anime season 2 sooner or later.

You can follow the official Twitter account of God Eater for the latest updates.

What to Expect in God Eater Season 2

We might witness some bone-chilling encounters between the superheroes and supervillains. The combat between these two might propel destruction to the monster’s aim to reign the world. The primary protagonist of the series Lenka Utsugi wants to regain the planet’s freedom from the powerful enemies lurking across the world.

He along with veteran god eater Lindow Amamiya and Soma Schicksal will set themselves on now and never resolution to annihilate the demons. Some more powerful weapons as we think would be introduced in the second installment of this anime series to make the combat more intense.

The monster might gain strength in the coming anime series given the fact that the game sequels got highly competitive when it came to a battle between these two rivals. God eater season 2 is the anime adaptation of the game god eater released in 2010. Since then 7 more god eater games have been released but its 2nd anime adaptation is still beyond the galaxy.

Its game sequels are highly popular among fans, therefore the plot of season 2 will follow the same trail as that of season 1. When season 1 ended, it was the year 2071. God eater season 2 will continue the journey from  2071.

The Fenrir might need a new captain who can lead them in absence of Lindow who got injured and lost his arm in a battle with Aragami. Though the chances are that Lindow might regain his strength, we will have to wait for what the creators have to unveil.

God Eater Anime Season 1: Plot

God Eater season 1 is an anime adaptation of the game God Eater released on Feb 04, 2010. The game is developed by Shift and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The story of God Eater Anime starts in a post-apocalyptic world run by a race of mysterious beasts known as Aragami. The only aim of these monsters is to consume any object or organism in their path and carry on their attributes to become more powerful and evolve beyond its evolutionary disposition.

The human race has come to extinction and the world is almost reigned by Aragami. These monsters are made up of millions of Oracle Cells (A set of distinctive cells that powers these monsters to eat anything and take on their attributes).

They are immune to any modern firearms and the only weapon which can kill those Aragami is the God Arc. God Arc is a biochemical weapon made up of Oracles Cells, the same cells that power Aragami. God Arc is created by an Organisation Fenrir and is the only hope for humanity. This organization trains God Eaters and sends them into the open world to defeat Aragami.

The individual Aragami doesn’t have their own sense of intelligence and is controlled by the Aragami core. It might be possible that the God Eaters might take on to deactivate or destruct the Aragami core to cut down the connection between Aragami and their source of Intelligence.

God Eater Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 has 13 episodes with the first episode aired on Jul 12, 2015. Below is the list of all episodes with their titles and release date.

Episode #TitleDate of Release
1Lenka UtsugiJuly 12, 2015
2Lindow AmamiyaJuly 19, 2015
3Alisa Ilynichna OmelaJuly 26, 2015
4AegisAug 09, 2015
5An Eye for An Eye (All In Vain)Aug 16, 2015
6Stay TrueAug 30, 2015
7A Flower in BloomSep 06, 2015
8Sakuya TachibanaSep 20, 2015
9Soma SchicksalSep 27, 2015
10Scattered PetalsMar 05, 2016
11Operation MeteoriteMar 12, 2016
12United They StandMar 19, 2016
13LotusMar 26, 2016

God Eater Anime Characters

We have enlisted some of the primary God Eater Anime Characters from the series. Most of these characters are God Eaters. We have enlisted 14 of the most powerful characters.

God Eater Alisa

Alisa Ilinichina Amiella

Alisa Ilinichina Amiella is one of the primary protagonists of the God Eater series who lost her family in an attack by Aragami. This incident led her to become the God Arc wielder. She has appeared in anime, manga, and game series of the God Eater Franchise. God Eater Alisa shows signs of an unstable psyche who later recovered and became protective of her allies.

God Eater Lenka

Lenka Utsugi

Lenka Utsugi is the original character and main protagonist of the God Eater anime series. He is a kind person as shown in the first episode when he didn’t care for his life to protect the person in danger. Lenka is a teenager with dark blue spiky hair. He is a New-Type/2nd Generation God Eater.

1Lenka Utsugi
2Lindow Amamiya
3Sakuya Tachibana
4Soma Schicksal
5Kota Fujiki
6Alisa Ilynichina Amiella
7Licca Kusunoki
8Tsubaki Amamiya
9Johannes von Schicksal
10Aisha Gauche
11Hibari Takeda
12Paylor Sakaki
13Eric der Vogelweid
14Tatsumi Oomori

Does God Eater Have Manga Adaptation?

A very few God Eater fans know that it has its separate manga adaptation. Yes, you got it right. The manga is based on the original games of the God Eater series. In fact, there are 4 god eater mangas based on God Eater GAME and are completely different from the anime series.

Here is the list of God Eater Manga:

God Eater Manga: Return of the Messiah (Release Date: Nov 2009)

Plot: Return of the Messiah is drawn by Eiji Karasuyama and is published by Shounen Rival. In A.D. 2072, the Aragami suddenly appeared on earth and started preying on humans. Humanity came near to extinction as the human population decreased down to 1/100. The God Eaters are the only hope to humanity. This story follows the journey of a God Eater Silva Orcride and his conquest to bring back the hope of humanity.

God Eater Manga: The Spiral Fate (Release Date: Mar 2010)

Plot: God Eater: The Spiral Fate is a manga published in Mar 2010. Rokuro Saitou is the author of Spiral Fate. The story starts in 2071. The world is overrun by Aragami (The wild gods). In the scene set after half a year in the original game story, one of the protagonists called Ryo Kagami travels from Finland to return to what was formerly called Japan.

God Eater Manga: The Summer Wars (Release Date: Aug 2011)

Plot: The summer wars is drawn by Okiura and published by Fujimi Shibo. Alisa Ilinichina Amiella develops feelings for Yuu Kannagi. In the meantime, Alisa and Yuu were sent to an Island named Aegis on a kind of protection mission.

God Eater Manga: The 2nd  Break (Release Date: Dec 2011)

Plot: The story depicts the incident of God Eater 2. The manga focuses on events concerning Soma Schicksal, Alisa Amiella, and Kota Fujiki. God Eater Alisa and God Eater Soma were ordered to find a new shelter around the whole of the far east.

God Eater Quiz

Is god eater your favorite anime? Then you must take this god eater anime quiz to test that how much do you know about your favorite anime.


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