Get Ready for Cozy January with Persona 5 Manga English Publication

Persona 5 Joker with his team

VIZ media has took Twitter to herald the publication of Persona 5 manga, an English translated adaption, to be in the public domain from 14 January, 2020. The official twitter account of VIZ Media read “You never saw it coming! The Persona 5 manga will steal your heart in Winter, 2020.”

Cheers Folks! Finally, the wait is over with the translated version of Persona 5 Manga is going to hit your bookshelves anytime soon. Not to forget your Persona 5 game to which the story of this manga surrounds.

The manga version of the game adapts the story of Atlus’s Persona 5 game and narrated by Hisato Murasaki.

The story of Person 5 Manga English

Persona 5 Manga English vol 1 depicts the story of Akira Kurusu, the leading protagonist who involuntarily finds himself in trouble at the very first volume of the series. The story starts with a scary dream where the main protagonist is on the train and gets off the train soon by asking for directions to the Denentoshi line.

Persona 5 Akira Kurusu
Akira Kurusu

Due to the journey, he feels sluggish and collides with a walking person. The collision makes him press something weird on his phone, resulting in the installation of an unwanted application.

Akira Kurusu had a criminal record in an attempt to protect a woman from a man. The man was forcing himself on a helpless lady. Akira Kurusu responded to the situation and rescued that lady. In an attempt, the culprit got injured, which resulted in an arrest for Akira.

He was then, in the heat, expelled from the school and sent to a new school, Shujin Academy, in Tokyo for rehabilitation where he met Sakura Soujirou. Sakura Soujirou appeared to be a strict personality at first go and intimidated Akira for sending him to a Juvenile Hall if he gets himself into any trouble.

The next day when he is on the way to Shujin Academy, he finds himself in trouble with Ryuji Sakamoto trapped into a palace of Castle King in an alternate reality. The school teacher Kamoshida is an ultimate castle king. 

While Akira Kurusu was in trouble and desperately needed to get out of the trap, he finally discovers his inner will to rebel against the castle king. He is also able to awaken the power of his persona, which ultimately helps him in the act of self-protection.

Our Viewpoint

I went on to read Persona 5 manga volume 1; I must admit the start was a bit off the beat. The initial first two chapters were like a sloth in the white book. We were not getting any point on where are we heading.

As the story progressed, our zest started fueling with curiosity when Akira Kurusu and his comrade trapped into the palace of the castle king.

Persona 5 Akira Kurusu is a guy with kindness in his heart. The instance when he protects a lady from the man has squeezed our mind to proclaiming him as a kind-hearted human. The characters are interesting, primarily Akira Kurusu, also known as Joker P5. The art is also an essential aspect of an interest-driven action, which eventually will intrigue Manga lovers towards the next big hit.

About the Cover of Persona 5 Manga English Adaptation

Persona 5 joker as in Akira Kurusu, has found a place on the cover of the first edition of the series. Akira, with messy hair protruding towards his forehead with a jacket, looks good as the protagonist.

Persona 5 protagonist has his hand covered with a red glove. We also notice a spooky character right behind his back with a white attire. We think it is what a persona that joker p5 uses to augment his strength. There is also a LOGO of P5 with a numeric value of 1 deciphering the volume of the series.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What about Persona 5 Vol 2?
The official release date of the second installment of the series Persona 5 Manga is 14 April 2020. The length of vol 2 will be 200 pages.
Where can you read the persona 5 manga?
Persona 5 manga is licensed by VIZ Media and is available online across platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. Amazon has listed the official English-translated version of Persona 5, paperback edition with 216 pages.
Where is the persona 5 manga English?
It is available online on Amazon and Flipkart. You can buy a copy from there to enjoy it.
When will persona 5 manga released in America?
The official release date of Person 5 Manga Vol 1 is the 14th day of January 2020.
What is persona 5 main Character name?
Akira Kurutsu is the main character in Persona 5 Manga.

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