8 Shinobu Kocho Secrets Every Demon Slayer Fan Should Learn

Shinobu Kocho

Demon Slayer is one of the adventurous shonens I have ever come across. The enthralling plot with a perfect blend of characters establishes a unique harmony between readers and the series itself. I have been a staunch follower of Demon Slayer right from the beginning of series, which persuaded me to be demon slayer bookworm […]

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Little Known Stories of Inuyasha Characters, Read Here

Inuyasha Characters

So it all starts with a jewel of four souls which thumpingly horse out the power of its wielder subsequently granting a single wish. The story comes into being with a flashback to Feudal Japan. 500 years ago, when the Civil war era of ancient Japan was at its peak, the story plots around. In […]

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Get Ready for Cozy January with Persona 5 Manga English Publication

Persona 5 Joker with his team

VIZ media has took Twitter to herald the publication of Persona 5 manga, an English translated adaption, to be in the public domain from 14 January, 2020. The official twitter account of VIZ Media read “You never saw it coming! The Persona 5 manga will steal your heart in Winter, 2020.” Cheers Folks! Finally, the […]

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An Honest Black Clover Review in the Next Few Minutes

Black Clover Review

When it comes to review, Black Clover has always been on the radar of its readers. Some give opinion of it being dull, some says its characters is worst and even some other have opinion that Black Clover is totally inspired by one of the greatest mangas, Naruto. When we are in black clover review, […]

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The Black Clover Characters Case Study, Age, Appearance, Powers & Magic

Black Clover Characters

Black Clover Manga started up on Feb 16, 2015 when it was aired in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Since its release, the success graph for Black Clover has written new dimensions. Today Black Clover Characters are a hot topic among manga community. The Black Clover pants a magical world, the Clover kingdom where people are born […]

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Top 5 Demon Slayer Characters That Plotted Curiosity Among Manga Lovers

Demon Slayer Characters

What has it been the trending talk of the city, Demon Slayer Characters is turning the heads with grabbing eyeballs empowering curiosity among manga readers. Manga Lovers don’t fall short of gripping plots across genres. But what “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba” has started in the manga industry is worth a million rounds of applause. […]

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4 Common Reasons Why Your Mangapanda Isn’t Working (Quick Fix Explained)

What happened to mangapanda

People are into an induced blend of hate, anger, and apathy against Mangapanda sparked due to implication in greedy and wrongful deeds of its own. Today, lacs of Manga panda readers claiming to have deceived by the online manga provider company. People got addicted to mangapanda.com as the services were awe-inspiring at its initial years; […]

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