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Black Clover Review

When it comes to review, Black Clover has always been on the radar of its readers. Some give opinion of it being dull, some says its characters is worst and even some other have opinion that Black Clover is totally inspired by one of the greatest mangas, Naruto.

When we are in black clover review, we thought an honest opinion is what people will guide through the decision on whether or not is the series worth CONSIDERATION.

Black Clover Plot- Black Clover Review

The story of Black Clover starts in the view of a village, Hage, located on the very outskirts of the clover kingdom. At the edge of the town, there presents a demon’s skull with two horns touching the sky limits. The statue of the first magic emperor embodied dignity on top of the head.

Hage Village in Black Clover
The skull of a demon at the edge of Hage Village shows the immense power of the first Magic Emperor.

Hage is a forsaken village by the clover kingdom where people live and earn through cultivation. The town is mostly shabby due to unpaid attention of the kingdom towards its people. The houses randomly located limited into a wide grassy piece of land.

In the shadow of the night, two newborns were found abandoned at the church gate of Hage village. A priest sighted those infants and started upbringing both of them as being his children.

Like much other manga, the story starts with childhood memories but with some refreshing plot. Two infants, at the same time, brought in together and fought each other for the coveted title while maintaining the respect and concern for each other.

Though the story is not as good as compared to Demon Slayer, Dr. Stone, or to Tokyo Ghoul but if you are a magic addict, want to read a new concept, it is for you.

The priest assigns a lady as a caretaker, Ms. Lily, who was in charge of upscaling the quality of life. Both the children started growing up in view of ms Lily. Both the children were Asta and Yuno and two of the protagonists of the series Black Clover. As children, they were more extreme in personality and powers when compared to other children in the village.

Asta’s Love, Yuno and Rivalry

Ms. Lily used to tell them stories of the magic emperor who defeated the demon at his will. The story was so inspiring that both Yuno and Asta started developing dreams of being the next magic emperor as the most coveted title of the clover kingdom was empty after the mortality of the magic emperor.

Another concept that prevails my mind is Asta falling for his caretaker, Ms Lily. Though ms Lily not anymore interested in Asta, he likes her.

Asta is devastatingly terrible at magic, and he has nulled capacity to cast any spell. On the flip side, Yuno demonstrates invincible magical powers to the grade of royals of the clover kingdom. In the face of the inability to implement any magic, Asta’s determination to earn the title of his dreams through rigorous practices earned him sort of confidence.

This is from where the rivalry between Asta and Yuno flourish, which ultimately is the icing on the cake of the Black Clover Story. Though they have become rivals, it doesn’t mean their route is different. They care for each other and are compassionate to everyone they know about.

Asta Proposing Ms Lily
Asta is obsessed with Ms Lily and want her to marry him

Both Asta and Yuno push each other to achieve what they want, to be wizard king, but when it comes to battle, they are at their best, and none of them want to give up on the battlefield.

In the clover kingdom, every youngster who is 15 gets a grimoire. For that, a ceremony organized to confer the grimoire every year. Both Asta and Yuno decided to attend that ceremony and aspire to get a grimoire.

In the ceremony, Yuno gets a powerful four-leaf grimoire to which noble children of the kingdom have objections. Asta, on the other side, gets a rare five-leaf grimoire to which others, including Asta, is unaware that he is the holder of the five-leaf grimoire.

Blessed Asta

Luckily, he can’t use magic that has paved the way for Asta to wield the five-leaf grimoire. The grimoire Asta has doesn’t allow a mage to wield it. As soon as a mage hands on it, all magical powers of the mage get nullified that later restored after leaving that five-leaf grimoire. So it was only Asta who can wield five-leaf grimoire with full potential.

After receiving the grimoire, both of them join a mage squad. Yuno however, chosen in the highest-ranked team. On the other side, Asta became the member of the black bull squad, the lowest-ranked team out of nine.

Now the story continues with the struggle between Asta, Yuno, and other counterparts to achieve the title of their dreams.

I accept the Character Naruto somewhere inspires the Character, Asta. Some people may call it an unoriginal or pirated version of the manga series Naruto, but nothing is holding the statement firm. The world of superpowers and the adventure of fighting for a title is a different perspective in the black clover series.

Our Take- Black Clover Review

You need to go deep into the concept of the story to finally make any opinion about the story of Black Clover. Yuki Tabata has managed to implement a unique narrative as the story progresses with some unusual characters clicking every checkbox.

Asta’s scream can be heard all across the story, and we think it is his personality. Every Character has its nature, and so does Asta. He may not stop screaming throughout his entire life; at least it seems impossible as of now. Asta’s yelling might be the part of a theory of the writer who wants to differentiate between childish and matured Asta.

Black clover was critically out of the way of its theme a few episodes ago, but it bounced back convincingly as Asta is getting stronger and learning his hidden powers.

I admit that the start of the story is a little bit dull, but if you get past episodes 10 to 15, there is a lot to learn and enjoy about the series.

The best part of this manga series is that the main protagonist, as the series progresses, becomes stronger by overcoming his inability to cast spells. 

The will of Asta teaches us the lesson that even if the condition is not in your favor, the ball is in your court to make the situation assist you in the best way possible.

Therefore, with all these takings, our opinion for the series Black Clover holds a tight corner to it. It might not be the best in the league, but it certainly not in the worst category as well.

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